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Oftentimes, a bride will bring to Inspired By The Dress her mother or grandmother’s wedding gown with hopes of wearing it with new life. She loves the dress, and she wants it to better fit her style—her inspiration.

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If the bride can get into the dress, the designer has her try it on. Fit is evaluated first—which parts of the dress fit, and which do not and therefore need alterations. The bride shares what she loves about the dress, what can go, and if she has pictures of what she wants for restyling ideas. The designer takes it from there.

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Once the redesign has been completed, the bride tries on the dress and alterations are made as needed. There may be multiple fittings, especially if the bride plans on losing weight. She should let her designer know upfront if she wants to lose weight. They can then draft the redesign pattern to allow for weight loss.

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Voilà! The gorgeously redesigned dress, bringing new life to a treasured gown from years before.