Reimagined Gown

From 1951 to 2021 – This Dress Gets a More Modern Face-Lift

Lindsey’s wedding featured a one-of-a-kind vintage gown designed by her grandmother in 1951. The dress was a strapless, short, two-piece ensemble with an intricate lace jacket. The jacket was trimmed in gleaming pearls along the sleeves and collar. Lindsey bought her own wedding dress for the ceremony but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to model this unique piece at the rehearsal dinner.

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“The final product was a delicate collaboration of vintage with a modern touch.”

photo of bride and mother at rehearsal dinner in reimagined gown

Preserving History

The gratitude from brides and their families only confirmed the heartfelt compassion Teri has for dress design. A thank-you letter from Lindsey’s mother Patrice said, “You not only made it look stunning, but you helped preserve its history. It was a touching process for me, and I am very grateful for your generosity and artistry.”

The adjustable nature of the dress accommodates various body types, which grants countless opportunities for future use. The remodeled dress is already set to carry out its legacy in two other weddings in Lindsey’s family.