Reimagined Gown

The Dress Evokes Family Tradition

This is the story of Teri’s youngest stepdaughter, India. Her ceremony revitalized two significant pieces of family history: the wedding dresses worn by her mother, Cynthia and the groom’s mother, Jennifer. But these dresses weren’t put to conventional use in India’s wedding.

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“Custom dress making is hugely gratifying, because it can help carry family tradition through generations and mend relationships through love and artistry!”

Special Family Moments

After unveiling the dress, Teri put it on a mannequin and directed an outdoor spring photoshoot featuring brilliant, blooming azaleas. India brought portraits of her mother and her grandmother wearing the dress on their respective wedding days to demonstrate the generational history of the gown. Teri arranged a similar event for the groom’s family. The groom’s mother, Jennifer, came into the studio for a photoshoot in her wedding dress. When Jennifer’s husband caught a glimpse of her, he was absolutely captivated and happily reminded of their own special day.

bride and five flower girls

Putting It All Together

Now it was time to get to work. Teri used both wedding dresses to create outfits for the flower girls. From Cynthia’s dress, Teri used the appliques to embellish the shoulders of the flower girl dresses. She used the material from Cynthia’s gown to create three dresses, so that all three of India’s nieces were prepared to walk down the aisle with petals. Teri used Jennifer’s dress to create two more flower girl outfits for the groom’s nieces.

Due to coronavirus, India changed venue plans and cut her guest list to 25 guests, per lockdown requirements implemented at the time. But her intimate, backyard wedding by the lake, turned out to be dreamy and radiant. And India looked exceptionally stunning, but her flower girls stole the show!

There was an outpouring of appreciation from family members for Teri’s work.