Why and what is Custom Design/Pattern Making?

Custom designed fashion is clothing created and designed to fit your individual body shape and size. Custom designed bridal results from specific measurements taken of you, which are then used to draft a unique and original pattern specific to your individual body. From the pattern, clothing can be designed and created that fits you perfectly!

How much is my custom dress going to cost?

This is the pivotal question when considering custom versus retail! Your monetary expense is the culmination of your inspiration into a perfectly fitted wedding dress, along with the convenience of being locally made, accompanied with the talent and skill sets of expertise in designing, patternmaking and dressmaking. Each dress made is an original, with well over 50 hours of time and at least $500 of materials to create a designer gown. The all-inclusive total falls within a price range of $1,200 – $5,500. We will discuss pricing specific to your gown once fabric, design and other details have been chosen.

Is there a fee for the initial consultation?

No. Our first consultation is free. We will meet at my studio where we will have an opportunity to get acquainted each other, you can see where your dress will be made, inspect other dresses I am creating, and answer questions.

What is the process for having a custom dress made?

Please see my blog post that describes the process. view

How long does the process for making a custom dress take?

Approximately 3-6 months from signed contract to finished garment is the usual. If you need a dress sooner, please call to determine capacity in scheduling and seasonal timing. An expedited/rush fee may be incurred in dresses required in less time.

Do you do alterations?

Yes. You will need to bring your dress and all undergarments you intend to wear with it, including your shoes, so that accurate and precise alterations can be determined.

Can you make my bridesmaids dresses or mother of the bride/groom dress, too?

Yes, if there is enough time to do so, we would be happy to also make custom dresses for other party members.

Do you make veils or other accessories?

Yes! We can design a veil from your gown fabric, a head piece, train, embellished belts, shawl, jacket or other accessories for you and your bridal party.

I don’t live in your area. Can I still have you make my dress?

Yes. Having a dress custom designed and made is very personal and requires ability to participate in fittings. If you are interested in having your dress custom made, and live out of town, we can meet either here in my studio or I can travel to you for a nominal fee.

When should I bring in my gown for alterations?

The sooner, the better. Schedule your first fitting appointment as early as possible to be sure your dress gets into the scheduling queue for alterations. Ideally, wedding gown alterations should be completed months in advance of the wedding.  If you have been a stable size for a long time, and do not plan on losing weight, we encourage you to come in early and have your alterations done.  We try to leave the final four weeks before a wedding day for those brides who are in the process of losing weight, have found their gown at the last minute, or have an alteration emergency.

What should I bring to my first bridal fitting appointment?

Please bring your calendar, wedding date, shoes and undergarments.  If you do not have your shoes yet, please bring shoes that are the closest in height to what you will be wearing.  If you are unsure about undergarments, please bring several options and we will be happy to assist you with the correct choice.  You may also bring your veil, jewelry and other accessories.  Please bring your preferred method of payment since a deposit will be required at the first fitting.

How much will wedding gown alterations cost?

Normal wedding gown alterations range from $200 to $800.  We need to see your gown in person to be able to give you an estimate.  Cost varies based on the fabric, details, hem style, number of skirt layers, type of bustle and more, and the number of alterations required.  Gowns with extensive bead work, complex detailing, or that need to be completely restyled will cost more.

Do you alter bridesmaids’ dresses?

Absolutely.  We work with bridesmaids as well as mothers of the bride and groom.

Can someone come with me to my fitting?

Of course!  We have designed our studio so mothers and bridesmaids can accompany you during these appointments.

What types of payments do you accept?

Cash, checks or credit cards.

What are your payment terms?

A twenty-five (25%) percent deposit is required upon signature of contract. At first fitting of custom muslin dress, an additional twenty-five (25%) payment is required. At final fitting the remaining balance shall be collected.

Do you teach?

Yes! I offer private lessons in custom sewing along with project based private lessons for brides making their own dresses or veils.